PDF Security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solutions

PDF Copyright Protection with Digital Rights Management

Ensuring that your PDF files are fully protected against onward distribution (document copying/emailing), content copying and unauthorized printing - delivered using cost-effective and reliable software and services to PCs, Macs, iPADs and Android devices:

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Secure PDF DistributionDo-It-Yourself (DIY) Secure PDF Distribution - where you create, manage and distribute the secure PDFs yourself using our free software and in-network DRM service. Try the full DRM service free for first month - cancel at any time - no up-front license fees. From $50/m (€40/m, £30/m) or one-time "bundle pack" purchase
Managed Offline Secure PDF DistributionManaged Offline Secure PDF Distribution - where we do all the work for you, from file conversion, file distribution to e-commerce and more - no up-front license fees. From $20/m (€16/m, £12/m) plus a small commission on sales for e-commerce projects, or purely a flat rate monthly fee (depending on your requirements)
Managed Online Secure PDF DistributionManaged Online Secure PDF Distribution - where again, we do all the work for you, but this time with web hosted PDF display. From $20/m (€16/m, £12/m) plus a small per user fee, or purely a flat rate monthly fee (depending on your requirements) - no up-front license fees
Enterprise Level SolutionsEnterprise Level Solutions - Tailored solutions for Corporates based on our proven Javelin and Drumlin software, and DRM server facilities

Our customers want to securely distribute one or more ebooks, technical manuals, training courseware, newsletters or similar documents which they have in PDF format. They need to ensure their documents are truly secure from copying and/or have other controls applied to them (e.g. no printing, date expiry, smart watermarking etc). This is exactly what we provide.

For cross-platform distribution (to PCs, Macs, Android devices and iPADs) publishers can use our free Drumlin software to create secure files and then distribute these files via the web, dropbox, email, USB drive etc. End users then use our free Javelin PDF readers on their PC, Mac, iPAD or Android device to view these files following a simple and automated authorization process.

Service Features Comparison Guide (PDF)

Our Secure PDF Copyright Protection Solutions provide:

  • PDF Security: Your copyrighted documents are safe as your PDFs never need to leave your own site, negating the need for uploading to 3rd party servers. Permission controls include protection against piracy, copy protection, date expiry, print control, intelligent watermarking and centralized authorization and tracking.
  • DRM removal tools prevention: The Drumlin DRM and associated software and services are not susceptible to the use of widely available software and tools which remove the DRM.
  • True PDF display: correct fonts, layout, images, tables and pagination provided using our free Javelin PDF readers. Therefore there is no need for conversion to HTML5 or Flash.
  • Offline reading: view your documents anywhere, anytime, on any PC, Mac, iPAD and Android device - no need for an internet connection.
  • Online reading option: view your documents anywhere, anytime, via a suitably enabled web browser. Ideal for corporate documents and subscription newsletter services
  • Fast, clear, zoomable content:, even with 1000+ page documents you can have fast zoomable content with no restriction on the number, type or length of documents.
  • Offline catalogs of books and publications supported as standard for mobile devices, as well as bookmarks, document markup and annotation.
  • Perfect for technical and procedures manuals, reference books, course materials, educational books, formatted ebooks, legal documents, market research reports, picture books, novels, newsletters and more.
  • Cost effectivePDF managed serviceis available for publishers and authors wishing to self-publish books in PDF format.

We have been providing secure PDF distribution for individual publishers and authors, training organizations and corporations of all types and sizes since 2006. Our end user software is free and the services are free to try. They are available as low cost per document subscription services or single-purchase packages for individuals and publishers who wish to create and manage their own secured PDF files (please see ourStore page for more details). We also provide a personalized fullyManaged Servicesif you wish to leave everything to us - with the additional option of delivering PDFs via an online service accessed via the user's web browser. The business case for the Drumlin/Javelin solution is compelling.

Please look around our website using the menu items above for much more information. In particular please see: thePDF managed servicepage for more information on fully managed services; the Publishing Guidance page if you want to manage the process yourself; and the Store page for pricing. Finally, please read ourAboutpage for more details on the use of our software and services.

Javelin PDF readers for Android, iPAD, Windows and Mac OSX

Javelin PDF readers are free and designed with end users in mind. Javelin readers are small, fast, high quality PDF readers with built-in security. To download our Javelin PDF readers simply select the reader required from ourJavelin downloads page. Javelin for iPAD is available for download from the iPAD App Store. The Javelin for Android reader is available via the Google Play App Store and direct from our own website here. The secure versions of PDF files are created using ourDrumlinsoftware, which is also free.

What is DRM? How and Why Digital Rights Management Works

With a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system the PDF publication to be "controlled" is protected using either device-specific information and/or an authorization process. In the case of a device (e.g. a proprietary ebook reader like a Kindle, or a pre-registered device like an iPAD) the file is enabled based on the deviceID information, transmitted automatically to the DRM of the device service provider (e.g. Amazon). For generic devices - PCs, Mac computers, iPADs (not using iBooks) and Android tablets and phones, entry of an authorization code is typically required, although this can be addressed via a prior user and device registration process.

The process of checking the authorization code is the key to DRM operation and document security. A valid deviceID or code is required in order to view the PDF. Once a valid code has been used it is effectively disabled for subsequent use on the DRM server, so sending the secured file and the code to someone else will not enable them to access the file. This is entirely different to simply applying security to a standard PDF files, since that protects the file content but does not prevent it being passed on to others or provide date/time protection. The Drumlin Security DRM service and the Javelin secure PDF readers go hand-in-hand to provide this authorization process and the PDF viewing facilities, with security controls, that deliver true copyright protection. This enables one to deliver PDF ebooks and other documents to Android, iPAD, PC and Mac devices with confidence and ease.

More about Portable Document Format (PDF) files

PDF vs ePUB? - we are often asked whether publishers should opt for PDF or ePUB. The quick answer is that they are not mutually exclusive. If your source material is relatively uncomplicated in terms of formatting - graphics, table, fonts etc., then ePUB is definitely an option. The core difference between ePUB and PDF is that ePUB documents are re-flowable, so the format is not fixed and the page layout changes according to the screen size and font size selected by the user. The range of fonts available is generally smaller than with PDF documents. PDFs are page-centric and fixed layout i.e. fixed-format, not re-flowable and the font type and size cannot be amended by the end user. The second consideration is the distribution channel for a document. All the main eBook channels (e.g. Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc) are ePUB format based - they do not support DRM-protected PDFs. Drumlin and Javelin are designed to provide solutions for publishers whose preferred form of output is PDF - i.e. with the correct layout, fonts, pagination etc for their documents - as such, our solutions can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other channels of distribution such as ePUB services and print media.

See our "White Paper on PDF Security options" from Adobe, ourselves and other providers

See our "PDF News blog" for news and views on the Future of PDF Publishing

Javelin PDF Readers - download

Javelin for Android
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HTML5 PDF service

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Our PDF copyright protection services are used by clients throughout the world, including: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, USA and more..


"Drumlin Security is very easy to work with, provides a terrific product and is quick to respond to questions. I highly recommend their services!" Don LaSota, LaSota Racing, USA

"I was talking with a former VP of digital strategies for a multi-$billion publisher over the weekend. I was very glad to be able to brag about my multi-platform, high res, quick to market, cost effective digital solution! It never ceases to amaze me how corporations can find ways to make things 1000x more complicated and expensive than they need to be. I'm really glad to have found Drumlin several years ago when we first started out ... you have saved us boat loads of money!". Jeff Lindblade, Managing Partner, Naper Publishing

"We researched extensively the options for securing our PDFs and found the Drumlin solution both affordable and effective. The icing on the cake has been the support we have received - nothing short of outstanding." Adrian Hunt, Director, Management Pocketbooks, UK

"When Adobe Document Center closed down it left a serious hole in our work flow. I searched for a long time and trialled many different services until finally settling on Drumlin. It’s the only solution I found which offers a flexible service with all the functions we require at a reasonable price - this is exactly what we needed with our relatively low volume of document processing. When they added support for Macs and iPads, it became even more valuable to us. The level of support has been outstanding. I’m happy to recommend Drumlin to other users." Ryan Hornby, Director, Catalyst Global Limited

"Drumlin Security Ltd hat für und mit uns eine hervorragende Lösung entwickelt, welche genau unseren Wünschen und Anforderungen entspricht. Während des komplexen Entwicklungsprozesses hat sich Drumlin Security Ltd in jeder Hinsicht als ein zuverlässiger und vertrauensvoller Partner erwiesen." Daniel Gygax, CEO, Taxbooks GmbH, Switzerland

"Se trata de un sistema de protecciòn con grandes prestaciones, seguro, confiable y con buen servicio al cliente..." Gabriel Moncayo CEO, Aqualimpia Engineering, Germany/South America

"Il y a beaucoup de systèmes, mais peu sont vraiment sécurisés. Jusqu’à ce que nous découvrions le système Drumlin que nous avons testé de suite. Très vite, nous nous rendions compte des qualités supérieures de ce produit ...Nous regrettons seulement de ne pas avoir découvert Drumlin en premier" R.M., Belgium

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