Portable Document Format (PDF) files are the world's #1 means of creating and distributing sophisticated electronic documents as an alternative to, or in addition to, conventional printing. However, PDFs can easily by copied, even if protected by supposed 'secure' password controls and services. We provide a complete cost-effective solution to this problem, using our own secure software and services. These facilities are ideal for individuals and corporates planning to publish ebooks, training materials, manuals and reports.

Whatever your requirements, our free PDF reader/publisher and secure publishing services makes it possible to create and distribute your books, reports, magazines, letters and confidential documents without worrying that they might be copied or printed without your permission. You control whether your document can be printed and if so, how many times and/or how many pages can be be output. You also control when the document can be viewed (start and end dates), whether it is just a sample or the full version, and whether the recipient must be online and checked in order to view a document. To upload your PDF(s) to us for secure publishing, please click here. To start secure publishing right now, please click here. To see a sample online secure PDF document, please click here

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For technical details you can also link to our Drumlin web site, where you can download the free software and read more on our digital rights management (DRM) service

The links on the right of this page provide a sample of catalogues of books that are available, published using the secure Drumlin PDF/DRM platform: